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What is Bitcoin Tracker?

Bitcoin Tracker is a tool created to make searching through the blockchain easier, more efficient, and easily recordable.

To many, the ability to track and record transactions from anyones account can seem unnerving if not an out-right violation of privacy. It is the Bitcoin user's responsibility to protect their privacy through mixing and/or avoiding address reuse if they wish to remain anonymous. On the other hand, many Bitcoin users want to have their address and transactions transparent for public, or restricted record. The blockchain is a wonderful tool and should be used to its full potential.

Who uses Bitcoin Tracker?

Anyone can use Bitcoin Tracker! It is quick and easy to use. Be your own Bank!

How do you use Bitcoin Tracker?

First, insert a bitcoin wallet address in the searchbar on the Home or Results pages.

Second, click on a wallet address on either side of the transaction that you wish to follow.

Third, click on the next wallet the bitcoin amount you are following went to/from.

Fouth, click on the next wallet bitcoin amount you are following was sent to/from.

Click the button next to the initial address on the far side depending which direction you went.

Then click the button next to the next address the Bitcoin amount you are following was sent to/from.

Click Save.
Confirm you want to save the flow and click save. Insert a Flowname (Nickname).

Click Save. Now you can continue through more transactions and Add To Flow when you save.

Why do the transaction amounts differ between sent and received?

Transactions on the blockchain can be from and/or to multiple wallets. The difference between the two is coming from or going to other wallets that are not in view at the time.

What can Bitcoin Tracker do?

Easily follow bitcoin through wallets with a three-pane view of wallet transactions.

Save transaction flows for future reference.

Tag wallet address with names for future reference.

Be notified if an address is known as you track bitcoin through wallets so you can query other users for their permission to view the tagged name they saved.


Flow - A flow is a list of wallets and amounts sent and recieved in order of transactions date and time.

Tag - A tag is a user-defined nickname for a wallet address.

Wallet - A wallet is software that recieves, stores, and sends bitcoin. Each wallet has a public key decrypted into an identifiable hexadecimal address, called a wallet address.

Sent Amount - The amount sent from a wallet from a transaction.

Received Amount - The amount received in a wallet from a transacton.

Transaction - A transfer of Bitcoin value that is broadcast to the network and collected into blocks.

Known Address - An address that has been tagged.

Unknown Address - An address that has not been tagged.

Bitcoin Tracker Logo - A Clearer Path

After using Bitcoin Tracker to make tracking bitcoin through the blockchain easier and recordable, using Bitcoin Tracker's 3 pane wallet explorer, or three pane block explorer, you might have saved time. Spend that time with your family or enjoying life your own way. Save the transaction flows and wallet tags for future reference. Were your wallets anonymous or had someone tagged your wallet? Save Flows, Save Tags, Track Bitcoin, Be Your Own Bank. #trackyourbitcoin #savetransactionflows #beyourownbank #bitcointacker Bitcoin Tracker - A Clearer Path