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Bitcoin Tracker is a tool designed to help a user search through and follow bitcoin transactions easier. Originally, a user would have to create their own block explorer or use one of the many online block explorers available. The current design of block explorers is good for someone searching or monitoring one wallet and one transaction at a time. Beyond that, the user would need pen and paper to keep track of the searches and results and go back and fourth between pages, occasionally completely losing their place.

This aspect of bitcoin is not so user friendly, so Bitcoin Tracker was designed with that in mind. The original idea was to have the ability to look at 3 wallets at once, connected through transactions, in order. The original prototype was just a three-pane wallet explorer. Then more innovative features started becoming created. Soon the ability to save transaction flows was added so that you could save your work. The next step, of course, was to add the ability to save and tag wallets. At this point, a user could start searching for bitcoin in the three-pane wallet explorer, and could save 4 transactions at a time, and add 3 more at a time to the flow they saved, tag all of the wallets, and have a pretty good idea of where the bitcoin they were searching for is. At this point, the user needs to find the user of a wallet to confirm the bitcoin is there.

The idea of Bitcoin Tracker came from a time this was done by the developer on request by several people trying to figure out what happened to a $5 donation. The user of the address where the $5 in bitcoin was was found on Google after a quick search. This is not always the case. So, in addition to the already innovative wallet explorer, the ability to see if a wallet is known or unknown by other users on Bitcoin Tracker was invented, promtly followed by the tag sharing system. With this system, a user on Bitcoin Tracker will see a k next to the wallet they are searching, and when they click on the k, they will be prompted with a query to Request Tag. When the user requests the tag, a notification is sent to the user who had saved the tag, and that user can accept or reject the request in their Account page. If the request is accepted, the user who requested the tag will have the address and tag added to their saved wallets. This gives bitcoin users a greater chance to find identity to a bitcoin wallet they are trying to identify.

Of course, there are many bitcoin users who do not wish to be identified. This is of major debate in the bitcoin community, and protocols have been added to bitcoin to allow the ability to avoid reusing your bitcoin address. Mixing services have been created as well to avoid address reuse and anonymize transactions. Bitcoin at it's core is not anonymous, it is public, and pseudonymous, and 3rd party tools using the blockchain can help anonymize it, or deanonymize it. It is the bitcoin user's responsibility to ensure they are following procedure to secure anonymity if they wish their address to maintain anonymity, beyond a tagged name, but all the way to IP address against a sniffing bitcoin node.

But, there are many who wish to use their bitcoin address as identification, or promote the identification of their address. Some examples are Charities, Donation, Tipping, Investment, International P2P Trust Organizations, and many others.

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After using Bitcoin Tracker to make tracking bitcoin through the blockchain easier and recordable, using Bitcoin Tracker's 3 pane wallet explorer, or three pane block explorer, you might have saved time. Spend that time with your family or enjoying life your own way. Save the transaction flows and wallet tags for future reference. Were your wallets anonymous or had someone tagged your wallet? Save Flows, Save Tags, Track Bitcoin, Be Your Own Bank. #trackyourbitcoin #savetransactionflows #beyourownbank #bitcointacker Bitcoin Tracker - A Clearer Path